Sunday, March 14, 2010

I guess I should have...

I must admit the biggest joy I get from knitting is presenting a finished object to someone.  Seeing their reaction and knowing that they truly feel special is a rush I could never quantify, nor could I have expected.  I have even given an adoring friend a scarf that I was wearing off my bloody neck (not literally, that would be gross).  But let me clarify, I only present a gift to someone that appreciates a hand-knit.  No sense in giving something to someone who thinks you're a madwoman for spending countless hours producing a garment that can easily be bought at a store for a fifth of the price in five minutes or less.   But I digress. 

At one point shortly after I picked up the craft, I decided to do something completely different and knit something for ME.  Little fitted vests were all the rage, still are, especially in the business world.   I envisioned a smart little cable knit vest that I could wear to work and people, nix that, the women in my office (they are few and far between on a trading desk) would say "Oh my! What a beautiful vest!" and I would proudly respond "Why thank-you! I knit this myself!".   And the convo of oohs and ahs would be momentus and the cat would be out of the bag that I was a closet knitter and that cool people knit too.  (btw, the cat's out, not sure what the verdict is on the cool status).  Well, things didn't quite go as planned.  The vest is great.  But the vest on ME - not so great.   I guess I should have done a little bit more reading on making a knit pattern work for YOU and I guess I should have pulled out the tape measure to double check the length of my torso and I guess I should have accounted for the permanent post-baby belly (or taken up a more steady habit of sit-ups).   Should have been longer.  Should have measured. 

So what have I learned through this whole escapade?  Guesses + Should Haves = One more gifted knit....

Pattern:   Two-over-two Vest
by:  Jennifer L. Appleby
Yarn:  1 skein Berroco Ultra Alpaca

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fit for a Princess

What do you do when your daughter is the only one to show up to a community centre ballet class sans tutu?  And howls conspicuously at the inept mother (that would be me)  "I don't want to dance, I don't have a tutu!!!!"  Parents chuckled; I'm sure I saw a couple of them sneer.  Please, give me a shovel so I can dig myself a shallow grave.  Ok, so call me a bad mother...I didn't know these parents went all out for a $5/day class!  Rest assured, I was prepared for the next class and the little diva angel was decked out like Karen Kain.

I feared little one was still a bit disgruntled over the whole ordeal and I thought what can I do to make up for subjecting her to her first traumatic experience of being *gulp* underdressed for the party???  If you're me, you knit yourself back into the good books with pretty princess slippers.   Felted in my washing machine with a skeptical husband looking on.  Finished off with sparkly heart buttons carefully selected by the prima ballerina herself.


$5 in yarn may very well have decreased the future therapy costs incurred on said princess exponentially....(a mother hopes...)

Pattern:  Felted Princess Slippers
By: Nataly Alves - Free pattern!
Yarn:  Mei Mei Bulky Felting Wool Colour #708
Yardage: 100 yards