Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fit for a Princess

What do you do when your daughter is the only one to show up to a community centre ballet class sans tutu?  And howls conspicuously at the inept mother (that would be me)  "I don't want to dance, I don't have a tutu!!!!"  Parents chuckled; I'm sure I saw a couple of them sneer.  Please, give me a shovel so I can dig myself a shallow grave.  Ok, so call me a bad mother...I didn't know these parents went all out for a $5/day class!  Rest assured, I was prepared for the next class and the little diva angel was decked out like Karen Kain.

I feared little one was still a bit disgruntled over the whole ordeal and I thought what can I do to make up for subjecting her to her first traumatic experience of being *gulp* underdressed for the party???  If you're me, you knit yourself back into the good books with pretty princess slippers.   Felted in my washing machine with a skeptical husband looking on.  Finished off with sparkly heart buttons carefully selected by the prima ballerina herself.


$5 in yarn may very well have decreased the future therapy costs incurred on said princess exponentially....(a mother hopes...)

Pattern:  Felted Princess Slippers
By: Nataly Alves - Free pattern!
Yarn:  Mei Mei Bulky Felting Wool Colour #708
Yardage: 100 yards

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  1. Those little felted slippers are adorable. They look so cute on your little angel too!