Friday, November 5, 2010

2 years

It's risky business choosing a pattern for a gloriously (at times) head strong little toddler, I mean BIG GIRL . Risky in that once the said knit is complete, it will actually be worn by the toddler for more than, say, 1.5 seconds. So you pour through the free patterns on Ravelry. Lord knows you don't pay for that pattern which has the potential to be permanently stored in the hat basket in the front closet. You pick one you think will hit the mark. Ear flaps for winter warmth, check.  Acrylic, check.  Squeak, I know, but I'm hoping to toss this baby in the washing machine after countless frolics in the snow. Purple, check. She likes purple, her snowsuit is purple. How can this go wrong?

Pattern:  Earflap Hats
By: Knitscene
Yarn:  Random Walmart Acrylic

 Huge, gigantically adorable pom-pom?  Eeks, maybe not. (Even though Mommy likes it, little girl's eyes turn red instantly). Uhhh. Maybe smaller cuter pom-pom? Ee gad. This is a toughy.   I couldn't even bribe her with smarties.    My fear comes to life and I park this old noggin topper indefinitely in the hat basket.  No amounting of coaxing or bribery will convince the decisive little one to even touch it, let alone wear it on her head.

What it actually takes to free this accessory out of purgatory is some time to age in the closet.  Fermenting for some TWO YEARS, until she finally plucks it out of the hamper on her own free will and declares the hat "SO CUTE!".  "Mama, this pom-pom is like a pony tail and these things on the sides are two lovely braids".  (She really does talk like that and she really doesn't let me style her hair. EVER. Figure that one out.)

Wow, 2 years to warm up to a hat.  Talk about playing hard to get.  Guess you'll be seeing this year's creation in 2012.

By: Cosette Cornelius
Yarn:  Franken Fibre Handspun By Linda Janssen (Blue)
Acrylic in Pink and Teal

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