Friday, July 20, 2012

NKBN: Ruffle Brim Sun Hat

I have had a long fascination with crafting out of recylced materials.  I'm an avid reader of Cindy's blog My Recylced Bags and always find her ideas inspiring.  Check out Cindy's tutorials on making PLARN, TARN and other cool eco friendly techniques.

I came across Rachel's Ruffle Brim Sun Hat made from plarn and I was instantly impressed. This is by far the prettiest creation I have ever seen using plarn.   Rachel has included a link to wear to buy plarn, or you can make your own using Cindy's technique with old plastic bags.   Plastic bags people!  And you know what that means?  Step 1: Place stylish waterproof hat on head.  Step 2:  Throw self on floatie raft into lake   Step 3:  Get kids to swim out to you periodically with a cold drink.   Splashes?  Don't matter.   Your hat is waterproof and you look cool!  Done.    You are a smartie pants Rachel!  Great design!

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