Friday, May 3, 2013

NKBN: Moose Chart

A weekly feature on the blog, NOT Knit by Nat highlights great patterns by budding designers on Ravelry

Trekking through the woods is quickly becoming our favourite past time up at the cottage.  It’s not an intense or long hike by any means, but it’s perfect for the kids to feel “enchanted” and juuuuuust long enough that mama starts to think “are we going the right way??”.    With the flood levels high this spring season in Ontario cottage land, our usual trickle of a creek was a full fledged spring that involved balancing across some fallen trees to get across.    You can see my fearless explorer in the corner there leading the way.    It is a moment I won’t soon forget.  I also won’t forget the piles of moose droppings along the path.   One which was nearly steaming in front of our very eyes.  I don’t have to be a professional trail blazer to know that a big moose was very close by!  Deer and turkeys are plentiful in our area, but a moose is quite extraordinary!   

To commemorate our elusive moose encounter, this week’s NKBN creation is a smart little Moose Chart by Eveline.  Maybe I should knit up some moose trail markers for our next walk??!!

(Be sure to check out her crochet Kaleidocycle too.   Very cool stuff)

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