Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mrs. Applebomb

When I was a kid we'd often go over to one of my aunt's house and sometimes when the stars aligned for a collaborative occasion, my cousin's cousins would be at the same party.   (You follow?  It's a big Italian famiglia)   When this would happen my brothers and cousins and I would be super excited for an evening spent with "Mrs. Applebomb".    My cousin's cousin would put on such an amazing rendition of a school teacher that we, her little students, would sit obediently on the front door wooden bench and raise our hands proudly if we knew an answer and ask permission to go to the washroom.    I was just on the cusp of starting school and I was wonderstruck about becoming a *real-live* student at a *real-live* school.   I couldn't wait.   I loved the nights with Mrs. Applebomb**.

Now that my little miss is starting her own school career at a school with a uniform no less, I knew I had to knit her a few things (especially before she's too cool to wear mom's knits).   So I trudged over to Walmarto and pick up a giant watermelon sized ball of dark blue yarn and started sketching.    Usually my designs have a name before they even hit the needles, but I was stumped with this little vest which had the drab moniker of "School's In Vest" until a little nostalgia took over.

And to celebrate my little girl's latest milestone I offer Mrs. Applebomb as a free pattern for all!   Knit her up!!

** Fittingly Mrs. Applebomb later became a *real-live* teacher

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  1. what a cute little vest!! it looks great on her.