Friday, June 8, 2012

NOT Knit By Nat: Captain Jack Legwarmers

A new weekly post on the blog!  NOT Knit by Nat features great designs by budding designers on Ravelry.   
The criteria for a design to "qualify" are:
  1. Less than 10 designs published on Rav by the designer
  2. Less than 100 “hearts” on the design to be featured
  3. Nice photographs
  4. Fabulous design! (of course!)
The goal is to hopefully highlight some great designs that people might not otherwise see!  If you know of a great design that deserves a shout out, send it along to me!

For the inaugural entry, check out these fantastic "Captain Jack Legwarmers" by Jen Patola (rav ID kyuss).  Babies in legwarmers = adorable.   Skull and cross bone leggies on chubby little legs?  Holy moly.  Hold me back!   The converse.  The diaper cover.   Jen, you have a home run here! 

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