Friday, June 15, 2012

NOT Knit by Nat: Spring Leafy Beret

A weekly feature on the blog!  NOT Knit by Nat highlights great designs by budding designers on Ravelry.  

A couple of summers ago a friend of mine came up to the cottage sporting a rather fabulous beret that she nicknamed "From Russia with love".    It wasn't a handknit, but it was fun. (I am the only knitterly one in my circle.   I'll teach at least one of them, one day...... when they put down the vodka soda's long enough to hold some needles, I just know it ;).   

I was instantly reminded of her hat when I spotted Clare Lee's "Spring Leafy Beret".   This is the perfect "I'm going up north and not taking this off my head for a second" kinda hat.   Loves it.   Clare, you have some serious talent!  You are officially on my radar!

 (how adorable is this picture, ps????)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nat!

    Thanks so much for featuring my design and for your kind words! :)
    Hope you enjoy knitting it.