Friday, November 16, 2012

The "IT" factor

You know, it's pretty amazing seeing your child start to grow into their own person.  You can nurture them and teach them to say "please" and "thank you", but when it comes right down to it their personality is a product all of their own.   And with every day, I see this girl of mine grow into a sweet (yet feisty), inquisitive, smart, passionate little girl.  Some say "just like her mama" (especially about the feisty part), but she's got a special spark all of her own.  She's got the "IT" factor.  

She's a natural fashionista, concocting outfit after outfit from her enviable closet effortlessly (100% hand me downs, I am lucky to say!).

That, and the girl can strike a pose!!!

I originally wrote this pattern quite a while ago when I just wanted to sit and KNIT.   I found that I had such little time to squeeze in any knitting that by the time I sat down and got organized finding the spot in my pattern, I often lost that precious window of time.   This knit satisfies that pick up and knit NOW need that we all sometimes have.   Garter stitches, ruffles and a fashionista to model the heck out of it.   Good job, Ella.   I named this pattern "Stella", cuz this girl is a star!

ps.  She is wearing Peyton's Freeway Mitts from last week's NKBN with a couple mods.   Once she saw mine she HAD to have a pair.   I made her version with super bulky wool, only 12 repeats around and 4 rows.   Whipped them both up in less than half an hour.   She's barely taken them off since!

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