Friday, January 4, 2013

NKBN: Splash Reversible Cables Baby Blanket

A weekly feature on the blog, NOT Knit by Nat highlights great patterns by budding designers on Ravelry

If you've been a follower of the blog, I'm sure you've read my snide remarks on how I am NOT a fan of knitting blankets.  I blame my lack of attention span and commitment issues for it.   But Amy's blanket may very well sway me to the other side.   I mean look at it, it's a thing of beauty.   

A beauty on BOTH sides I might add.   Yes, a gorgeous reversible baby blankie just might have me convinced.     AND there is a veritable baby boom on its' way this year in my family circle (and hopefully friends???)  Seriously ladies, I'm actually going to resort to bribery.  First one knocked up gets one of these blankets.....

Awesome design, Amy!   

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