Friday, June 14, 2013

NKBN: Quickie Flower Scrunchie

A weekly feature on the blog, NOT Knit by Nat highlights great patterns by budding designers on Ravelry

I was walking through Dollarama last week with Ella and she stops as usual in the hair section to pick out a cute headband.  She's a headband kinda girl.  Her eyes widened as she spotted something new she had never seen before.   "Mommy, what is this?".   "It's a scrunchie.  You don't know what a scrunchie is???"   Am I old?  Is she young?   Will the next generation think all hair ties are the tiny black rubber no snag deals?  How is this possible?!  

Lynn's  pattern is not only cute, it is essential!  Help the scrunchie live on!   

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