Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rockin' Tic Tac Toe

A little while ago I saw an interesting craft from Martha Stewart about a domino game made out of river rocks.   I was instantly drawn to it since my kids regularly ask to make the trek to "Rock Mountain" several times a weekend up north.   Don't let the name intimidate you.   It's a 50 yard walk from the foot of our cottage to a slight incline off our little road that is made out of some sort of shiny rock and has an equally pretty spattering of pocket sized stones strewn across it. Naturally, my domino loving daughter excitedly started to collect perfectly sized domino rocks and we are slowly building up our collection to complete a set.  (She has discerning taste, afterall the rocks have to be juuuust  right, you see).

While the roster of pieces grow, Ella and I have been brainstorming in the meantime on other rock game crafts we could come up with.  And her clever idea was Tic Tac Toe rocks.  After quickly painting on some X's and O's in (sadly) the only available colours we had on hand (20 lbs of stuff in our craft bin and all we have are orange and red? seriously??)    "But we need something cool for the board".   Say no more, little one... now that is right up my alley!    A reversible little double knit Tic Tac Toe board was made expeditiously and we were all playing game after game before we knew it. 

I was tempted to knit a case for it, and I still might eventually.   But for now, it's found a home on a table off in a little nook.  Easy for all to quickly get a game in here and there.

I've written up the pattern, which is so simple it's almost embarrassing to publish.   But your little rock collector will be glad you whipped one up for them ;-)

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