Friday, September 28, 2012

NKBN: Halloween Edition: Little Pumpkin Pots Pattern and Yarn Giveaway!

A weekly feature on the blog, NOT Knit by Nat highlights great patterns by budding designers on Ravelry.

I'm not sure if it's the utilitarian in me or the multi-tasker, but I just love smart designs that DO something.   Like these Little Pumpkin and Acorn Pots.   Margaret, aka Factwoman (I love that nickname!  I want to be a Factwoman when I grow up ;) includes not only the pumpkin and the acorn pattern, but also great fall themed name tags to transform these into the world's most adorable place cards. 

Could you imagine tucking a little bonbon inside each and adorning your Thanksgiving place settings with these?!   Or for Halloween, a number of these little guys with embroidered jack o' lantern faces lined up along your kitchen counter stuffed with halloween coloured candies?  Or a great little gift for your kid's hard working teacher!?  The possibilities are endless!  Margaret is a smarty-pants, I tells ya!

Halloween is quickly upon us, and seeing the twinkle in my childrens' eyes sparks memories of my own childhood and breathes life back into the holiday in our home, complete with skeletons hanging by the garage and a nest of spiderwebs all along the porch.   It is wonderful!  

To celebrate all that is spooky and magical, October's Not Knit By Nat posts will feature great Halloween inspired designs.  And to kick it all off you can win a copy of this awesome crochet pattern along with 2 hanks of Needful Yarns Amazon yarn in pumpkin orange and some stash busting green yarn to complete lots of Little Pumpkin Pots just in time for Halloween!

Margaret has been so kind to pass on the pattern to me as well and I have had a lot fun whipping up these cuties!   1 ball of yarn gets you 3.5 pumpkins and they take approximately one episode of Breaking Bad to make!  I will post my pics this weekend.

Leave a comment below before Wednesday, October 3rd at midnight for a chance to win!  Anyone who comments that already is and/or becomes a follower on the blog gets entered twice!  (Be sure to leave your Rav ID or email addy).  Contest is closed.

Good luck everyone!!!


  1. They are awesome!!! I love this time of year and I especially love knitting to Breaking Bad:)
    rosebob on ravelry

  2. I love Fall! These are adorable little lovelies, Thanks for the chance to win.

    I follow the blog and my rav id is Scarletpurls

  3. They're so cute!

    bookwormdjibouti on Rav

  4. Better than the real thing!
    reiki from ravelry

  5. What a cute fall pattern!
    strickliesel13 on Rav

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  7. I love Halloween and this fits right in with it.
    sparky136 on Ravelry

  8. Aw cute! Thanks for the great opp!

    OregonGrl on Rav

  9. Love it!
    Girlieknitwit on rav

  10. I'm not surprised you wanted to knit them - they are adorable!

    Lujo1 (on Ravelry)

  11. Those are just adorable. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  12. Very cute--makes me think about having a party!

    I am MaineDruid

  13. hehe i was just trying to find some cute things for decorating my new apt for fall!!:)

    Im Loverofallemo on ravelry

  14. This is wonderful,count me in,please.Thanks for the chance,this is so generous of you.

  15. Too cute! Perfect size for the door wreath.
    I'm hooknread on ravelry.

  16. What cute little acorns and pumpkins!

  17. Oh, those are so cute! I'd have to relearn how to crochet, but it would be worth it!

    (InJuneau on Rav too)

    1. Not to worry! Margaret's pattern is very well written and even a novice will have success! I am a BASIC self-taught crocheter and I breezed through it!

  18. Those are adorable. They'd be perfect to hide a couple of homemade caramels for each family member!

  19. I'm now a follower (cnuland on Rav)

  20. They are adorable! I love everything fall and Halloween! Having a birthday in October helps! Thanks!

    yhime407 on Ravelry

  21. these would be so excellent to send my college kid and my semester experience kid- both away for halloween for the first time ever!