Friday, September 14, 2012

NKBN: Mini Baby Dragon GIVEAWAY!

I am a big sucker for knitted toys.  I while back I posted my feelings about the whole thing here and it still rings true for me.   Ashley's  design is bang on perfect.  I can just see my little guy walking around with this attached to him  - literally.   He just spent the past weekend with a tiny stuffed dog tucked into his pocket for an entire 2 days.   Surely a tiny dragon would be way cuter!

Leave a comment and become a follower of my blog for a chance to win this pattern!   Contest closes WEDNESDAY September 19th, and the winner will be picked randomly and announced Thursday, Sept 20th.  Good luck!  (be sure to leave your rav ID or email address)
Contest is closed


  1. Oh my gosh his cute little wings! I love him! (Zabbers on Rav)

  2. He is just too cute! Please enter me.
    I follow
    Kenyetta on Ravelry

  3. I love dragons.
    I have a new grandbaby on the way.
    'nuff said!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    lindaran (on Rav)

  4. I love cute little toys and this drogan is seriously cute!

    rosebob on ravelry

  5. That is the cutest Dragon!!! I too have a grandbaby due in March and would love to knit this for him/her!

  6. I have two little boys (and a husband) that would absolutely LOVE that dragon!

    merryJ on ravelry

  7. My children are surrounding me, oohing and aahing over this little guy!

    Super-Nova on Ravelry

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  9. My boy at 12 would love this and so would my oldest daughter at 16.

    lotsofhermies on Ravelry

  10. I know it wouldn't seem fair if I won again, but this little guy is too cute to not want to win!

    Zowmom on Ravelry

  11. He is so cute! I would love to win the pattern (cnuland on Rav)

  12. Oh my! He is adorable! Who wouldn't want to win the pattern!

    Jarofmayo on rav