Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"What exactly am I focusing on?"

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a major crush on my husband.   You know the kind of crush you have when you're 13 and you're consumed with the thought of a boy and you get the giggles when you talk to him?   Yup, that's me around my hubby after all these years (Here's hoping it never changes!).   So as he sees me approaching him wearing a knit cape in 30 degree weather, camera in hand, already giggling and sheepishly asking him "Can you take some photos of me for the blog?" I half expect him to run in the other direction.    
But God love him, he doesn't.   He even pretends to care.

Now, the quality of photos is another thing all together....

Hmmm...What is this???

When he asks "What exactly am I focusing on?" and I answer dryly 
"The knit cape", 
I sense his patience may be waning...

Almost in Focus...

Here we go.  A winner.  1 out of 26 shots isn't bad!

This pattern is a quick, satisfying knit.   Although I'm not quite sure if I'm exactly a "cape" kind of girl, I'm glad I have this cozy knit for my fall wardrobe repertoire.  

Pattern:  Sweetgum
By: Stacy Simpson Duke

ps despite his lackluster photography skills, I still have a crush on that man.....

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