Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Liebster Award

*List 11 facts about yourself
* Answer 11 questions about yourself 
* Choose 11 blogs that have less than 100 followers, name them in the post and inform them
* Follow the blog of the person which awarded ​​you 
* Visit at least three blogs awarded by that person

Ana from Days of Yarning has graciously nominated me for a Liebster Award.   
Thank you for the honour! 
I will try my best to follow all the rules.

11 weird and wonderful barely known facts about me:

1. My graduating class voted me "most likely to shock the world with my fashion statements".    I think I've let them down.
2. I really want to learn how to sew a quilt.
3. I get cold sores.  A lot.
4. I have 3 brothers.   Yes, I was a tom boy.
5. I met my husband on a trading desk when I was 21, but we didn't start dating until many years later.  He proposed 5 months after that.
6. I have the world's cutest, laziest cat named Frankie Blue Eyes.
7. I'm a pretty good tennis player.
8. I was a vegetarian from age 14-20.
9. I'm a shoe-a-holic.   I drink office coffee instead of buying it to justify my shoe habit.
10.  I wish I could ski, but everytime I try something catastrophic happens.
11.  Pastina (tiny pasta) is my comfort food.

Answers to Ana's 11 questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
     I was inspired by the amazing blogs out there and the sense of community amongst crafters.   I wanted to be part of that!  It is amazing to be able to connect with people around the blog world.

2. What is your favourite season and why?
    Definitely SUMMER.  I love the heat, the long days, being outside.   You will never hear the words "It's too hot out!" coming from my mouth!

3.  What is your favourite dessert?
     Butter tarts rank high on the list!

4.  Do you usually buy yarn for a specific project, or do you usually think of a project after buying the yarn?
     Lately I've been buying the yarn first and let it inspire me.

5.  Which item do you like to crochet (knit) the most?
     Hats for my kids.   They get the most use out of any handknit I make and the (usually) are so excited by what I create for them.

6.  Where else would you like to live?
    Jupiter, Florida.  I have been going there on family vacations my whole life and it really feels like home.  Only with better weather.

7.  What are your favourite colours?
     Purples and Earth tones

8.  What do you regret you never did?
     Travel!  I started working full time right out of university.   I should have hit the road for a bit first!

9.  What is the place that you would like to visit the most?
    Portugal (and not just because Ana sent this to me!).   I would love to see where my husband was born.

10.  What is your favourite flower?
      Gerbers.  They make me happy whenever I see them.

11.  Name a historical figure with whom you would like to have a conversation with, and why.
     Jane Austen, just know what she was really like.

Now my nominations.  11 seem like a lot, but the Not Knit by Nat series has allowed me to be in contact with so many amazing, talented bloggers. 

Here are my nominations:
10. Mairlynd

And my 11 questions for you:
1. Would you rather take 3 hour flight or 25 hour road trip?
2. What is your favourite blog post you've done?
3. What is your idea of a perfect Sunday morning?
4. What do you wish you knew how to do better?
5. Coffee or Tea?
6. If you had enough room for one project in your luggage to bring on a trip, what would it be?
7.  What time of day are you most creative?
8. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?
9. Chips or Chocolate?
10. In a room full of strangers, do you stand on the side lines, mingle politely, or become the life of the party?
11. If you got a dozen roses for your birthday, what colour would you want them to be?
No pressure at all to any nominees, just happy to spread some blog lovin'.

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