Friday, March 8, 2013

NKBN: Go-Girl Knitting Needles

A weekly feature on the blog, NOT Knit by Nat highlights great patterns by budding designers on Ravelry

I came across something really cool last week on Rav and I had to share with you all.   Almost all of you will look at this adorable rug and say "ooh! I want to knit that!". 

Those giant stitches are awesome.   My mind is seriously racing right now on how many places in my house I can cover with these rugs.  And I need a basket made of this giant stitch.   And a foot stool.   And can I make a vase out of this stitch?  And, and, and, and........

Now as cool as that rug is, what about knitting an entire lap blanket in 2 HOURS.    Even me, with my blanket knitting ADD, would commit to that!   That is speedy!

But how does one make such a giant, speedy stitch you ask?   Well, with GIANT knitting needles, naturally!  And when I say GIANT, I mean GIANT!

Tammy from Go-Girl Knitting has designed this amazing line of GIANT knitting needles.   They come in 2 lengths, the GIANT for knitting blankets, rugs, etc and BABY GIANTS for scarves and smaller projects.  And you can customize the topper to the colour of your choice.

Is this not the perfect gift for the knitter who has everything?  Heck, for any knitter, really!   I want them just to display in my knitting nook!

Check out Tammy's collection of needles and project ideas at and be as amazed as I was!

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