Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Raving over Roving: Free Pattern!

My affection for Bernat Roving started this winter when I was searching through Winners' inventory of snowsuits and winter gear that was picked over because, again, I am way too late buying winter duds for my kids that I meticulously selected for Ella.    I saw this adorable white hat with multi-coloured yarn braids and a matching pom-pom.   I had to have it, but I looked at the price tag and gasped.   Surely, it was a mistake (this is Winners after all).    Luckily, I kinda know how to knit.    I walked straight through the mall and into Michaels (yes, we're talking Dixie Outlet Mall, to all you Torontonian sleuths out there) and picked up a hank of winter white Bernat Roving because it was uber soft and bulky weight.   I had this little hat whipped up by the end of the night (no pattern I'm afraid, I made it up on the fly).   The embroidery and button selection was carefully orchestrated by the fashionista herself.   The entire process was very satisfying, especially when Ella declared it "her favourite hat EVER".   Success!

So when my dear husband showed be a picture and asked me a knitter's favourite question "Can you knit this?" (read: permission to go out and buy new yarn).  I said "Yes! Of course I can!" and before I knew it I had bought another couple balls of this cheap and cheerful yarn and hammered off a fully ribbed super stretchy hat with a plastic canvas brim and topped it off with a pom-pom that was juuuuuust right for a man.  

And what to do with the leftovers?   Well, a quick little turban was in my sights.    So fast, I call it "Turbo Turban"  You can wear it twisted a la Grace Kelly, or simply wrapped around twice for a little less flair, but still a lot of style.    Give it a try.   With or without the Roving (although you know my feelings about it). 


  1. Hello Nataly, I have nominated you and your lovely blog for a Liebster Award, no strings attached though!
    I love your little girl's hat, so cute!

  2. Hi Nataly, congratulations on your award!! And thanks for following my blog, I've just signed in here in your lovely corner as well :-). It's so funny that we both have the same first name, isn't it? Mine is written exactly the same way as yours. In Germany it's very rare, here it's mostly written Nat(h)alie and I always have to point to the "y" ;-). Concerning your hats and turban above, they are beautiful, you all look great! And the turban was a good idea for using up leftovers :-)

    1. Hi Nataly! Congratulations to you as well! That is so funny about our names...even funnier is that my whole family calls me "Nata". When I saw your blog on Ana's list I did a double take! You are a very talented crafter. Your "beyond the square challenge" pieces are amazing...I hope to be that good at crochet one day!